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Beat fraud. Secure your business. With the data and identity toolkit from Self.

Composable identity and data tools you can build into your own workflows.

What we do.

Biometric identity

Simple, secure proof of identity.

Gate every interaction with biometrics for user certainty you can trust. Self's native biometrics are privacy preserving and controlled by the user.

Self gives you actual identity, every time.
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verified User data

Get live data when you need it.

Keep customer data in the hands of your customers and free your datasets from the challenges and costs of regulation and security.
Communicate with customers through Self and get verified claims gated by Self biometrics when you need to know that identity, KYC and other PII is accurate and about the actual user you're dealing with.

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Biometric digital signatures

Self Digital Signatures combine realtime biometric authentication with verified credentials in a single process without the need for human intervention. They can also extend signing to include the verified credentials contained in the document.

For us there is only one level of signature. One you can trust.
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End-to-end encrypted communications

Know exactly who you're talking to

ID-anchored calling and messaging means everyone on a call or message thread knows who they're talking to.

Scammers can't pretend to be from your company and users can be identified without the need for so-called 'security questions'
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The Difference

We anchor all identity to a human, not a proxy.

No matter whether your user is authenticating, signing a document, making a call or onboarding, Self let's you tie their action back to them biometrically. So you know, for sure every time, that you're dealing with the right user.

Self reduces business risk.

Reduce Data Risks
Distribute user PII to them to store in their identity wallet, de-risking your dataset while remaining connected to your user through Self.
Regulation compliance
MiCA, the Travel Rule, GDPR, CCPA and the upcoming EU AMLR and 6AMLD all place requirements on companies to identify users.
Protect your Budget
Web 2.0 Digital identity platforms charge high fees for work they repeat. We think there’s a better way which means far better value for you.
Symmetrical Authentication
We all know how important trust is, that’s why Self lets you prove to your customers that you are really you.

We built Self for developers

Easily integrate with open APIs and embed into Android and iOS apps with our SDK

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And improves user experience.

It's not just good for business, your customers will see tangible benefits too.

Prevent account takeovers

Stop bad actors getting access to your customers accounts by allowing customers to authenticate using a a real-time biometric check on their Self app. Know for sure you are giving access to the right user even if they are anonymous.

End that groundhog day feeling

Users are constantly being asked to repeat the same security tasks. It's boring and as they get sick of doing it the protection afforded by the tasks drops. Self lets users verify themselves once and then re-use that verification, so users don't get bored and you don't have to pay to repeat the same work endlessly.

Protect users from phone scams and voice phishing

Self ID-anchored messaging and calling lets users and organisations communicate securely knowing that they are talking to the right person. It's symmetrical trust too, because Self lets the company prove their identity to the user and shows the employee has the authority to call on behalf of the company they work for.

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