Gig Economy

Ensure you know your workforce.

From drivers to hospitality shift workers, it's critical to know who is working when, and that they have the credentials and support to be able to do their jobs.
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Verify worker identity, manage shifts and communication and ensure customer safety.

Knowing that the correct person is working the shift, with the right credentials protects your business and customers. Secure communication enables contract signing and worker compliance.


Rapid onboarding with pre-verified data if possible, increasing conversions and reducing onboarding costs.

Worker Identification

Knowing exactly who is working means you can trust their credentials too. That means everything from driving licences, to safeguarding accreditationscan be verified.

Digital Signatures

Workers and employers can commit contractually to policies or work offers directly in an app. Now you can be certain of who is working a shift and when.

Message reciept

Getting critical messages to workers and being sure they have been seen and read by the intended recipient can be crucial for safety and compliance.

Shift Sharing

Allow workers to share shifts, but ensure replacements are qualified to do the job in the same way.

Customer Authentication

Ensuring customers have ordered and received the service they requested and managing chargeback fraud.

We built Self for developers

Easily integrate with open APIs and embed into Android and iOS apps with our SDK

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How can Self improve protection in the gig economy?

Self's real-time authentication services ensure customer and worker safety. Eliminating opportunities for fraud and reducing costs.
Fraud Prevention
Biometrically gated systems ensure the right person  is working and confirms any credentials they need. Disputes can be quickly resolved with proven service delivery and receipt.
Self messaging ensures you know when messages are seen and who by. Combining them with Self digital signatures, means shifts can be committed to by a known user right from a message.

Relevant Products

Biometric Authentication
Secure every action with biometric authentication for safer communication, authentication and transactions.
Build end to end encrypted communications into your service for direct, biometrically secured communication with your users.

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