Fight back against AI and fraud with a communication platform which can tell you that you are talking to the right person.

How it works

Biometrically anchor communications.

So you know who is on the call
Gate calling and messaging with Self biometrics, so you know that the person you are communicating with is the right specific human.
Beat fraud with symmetrical ID
Impersonation fraud makes up over 50% of online fraud, but traditional authentication does not protect consumers. Self let's people know whoever is calling them is real.
Reduce call centre costs
A significant proportion of call centre time is spent on identifying the caller. Self can do that out of band, so your agent can get straight on with helping your user.

We built Self for developers

Easily integrate with open APIs and embed into Android and iOS apps with our SDK

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“For the first time Self enables companies to check the real identity of their users properly at every interaction.️ It's the only way to beat fraud.”
Dan Sutherland – CEO, Self
Store verified ID credentials which users can re-verify locally with a biometric check and share with a singel click.
Gate every identification so you always know which specific human you're dealing with, even anonymously.
Digitally Signed ID
Self enabled apps can read and verify digital ID material like biometric passports and ID cards so they become KYC material.
Secure users by allowing them to check the identity of people and companies so they can be protected against fraud and ID theft.

How Self works. For Communication.

Create your account
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Users create an account once.
Users create a Self-enabled account on a mobile app and store verified Identity data along with biometric information on device. Self biometrics use this to verify a users identity when they call or message.
Ben Freedman calling from ACME
Establish identity to start a call.
See that an inbound caller is genuine and that the person being called is the right person while making or answering a call.
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Build requests for verified claims into familiar message flows.
Make the process of getting information from or to a user simple and recognisable by using the messaging platform in Self which can be embedded into your app with our SDK.

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