Continuous verification
with no hassle.

Ensure you're complying with ever changing regulations while making your services more convenient for users. Drive up conversion and end account takeovers.
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  Authorize with Liveness
Authenticate with liveness to reverify KYC

Verify every authentication and transaction

Gate every important interaction with privacy preserving biometrics to protect your customers and keep your business compliant with ever changing regulations.

Rapid Onboarding

Simplify user flows, leverage pre-verified identity and credentials and reduce friction and time to onboard.

Biometric Auth

Use the gold standard for online identity verification in every transaction so you know the correct user is operating their account.

Reduce Fraud

A biometrically gated cryptographic record of who does what when ensures fraudsters can't claim they did, or didn't use your service.

Prevent Takeovers

Biometric authentication means you can always know that the correct user is using an account.

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Easy Integration

Flexible APIs and embedded mobile SDKs backed by comprehensive documentation and developer support make integrating Self easy.

Comply with Regulations

Regulations are all about knowing the user. So only the right person, with correct credentials can use your service for the right purpose.

We've built Self for developers

Easily integrate with open APIs and embed into Android and iOS apps with our SDK

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How can Self make Crypto and Web3 safer?

Identity is a baseline. To deliver truly secure services to customers we look at how data, communications and identity can work together to deliver deep convenience.
Reduce Friction
Self biometrics remove the need for repetitive and disruptive KYC, Replacing it with a Biometric DID and Verified Credentials attached to every authentication and authorisation.
Tackle Regulation
Stay ahead of regulation, even when they're not clear by ensuring you can know that all parties are specific and not a threat.  
Self communications can let parties to a transaction communicate securely ahead of a transaction using only their wallet addresses.

Relevant Products

Biometric Authentication
Secure every action with biometric authentication for safer communication, authentication and transactions.
Build end to end encrypted communications into your service for direct, biometrically secured communication with your users.

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