Digital Signatures.

Quickly build digital signatures into your apps or workflows to turn your interactions into commitments. From signing PDFs to booking a hotel or accepting a shift as a part time worker every commitment can be secured with a biometrically gated digital signature.

How it works

Get Signatures. Quickly and simply.

Via encrypted message
Any kind of agreement between two parties can be signed digitally using a Self users biometrically gated keys. Users sign quickly using messaging built into any Self-enabled app.
Integrated via API
Build digital signatures in to contracts, ordering and applications in your existing workflows, and get Level 1 and 2 signatures instantly.
Zero knowledge signatures
Agreements can be made without sharing identity material. A commitment to buy or act can be anonymous provided it is completed, protecting your business from personal data risk.

We built Self for developers

Easily integrate with open APIs and embed into Android and iOS apps with our SDK

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“For the first time Self enables companies to check the real identity of their users properly at every interaction.️ It's the only way to beat fraud.”
Dan Sutherland – CEO, Self
Store verified ID credentials which users can re-verify locally with a biometric check and share with a singel click.
Gate every identification so you always know which specific human you're dealing with, even anonymously.
Digitally Signed ID
Self enabled apps can read and verify digital ID material like biometric passports and ID cards so they become KYC material.
Secure users by allowing them to check the identity of people and companies so they can be protected against fraud and ID theft.

How Self Works. With Digital Signatures.

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Send a document or request.
Anything you can commit to can be signed, from a contract to working a shift. Send the thing which needs signing to the recipient via Self messaging, know instantly when they receive it.
Verify to sign
Claire Thomas
Sign with biometric keys.
Biometrics ensure the signer is the right person, Self lets them sign with a single click and let's the relying party request supporting information like identity data if required.
Signed Agreements
ACME Terms and Conditions.
Rovers Membership Agreement.
Cab Co. Service Agreement.
Store securely in the Wallet.
All parties to a contract get a copy of the signed commitment stored to their wallets.

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