Gate everything your team or users do using privacy preserving biometrics they control.  Know exactly who your user is, trust their credentials and signatures and allow instant onboarding and PoS processes.

How it works

Identify users quickly and simply.

While onboarding them
Users without a Self enabled account can identify themselves quickly during onboarding using strong identity data held on biometric chips, or provided in a vouch from an authoritative third party.
Using verified credentials in their wallet
Every Self check identifies your user based on their biometrics and the previously verified claims in their wallet allowing them to reuse ID.
With zero knowledge
Most identification can be done in a zero knowledge manner. A company needs to know that their user is the correct human, but not who that user is.

We built Self for developers

Easily integrate with open APIs and embed into Android and iOS apps with our SDK

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“For the first time Self enables companies to check the real identity of their users properly at every interaction.️ It's the only way to beat fraud.”
Dan Sutherland – CEO, Self
Store verified ID credentials which users can re-verify locally with a biometric check and share with a singele click.
Gate every identification so you always know which specific human you're dealing with, even anonymously.
Digitally Signed ID
Self enabled apps can read and verify digital ID material like biometric passports and ID cards so they become KYC material.
Secure users by allowing them to check the identity of people and companies so they can be protected against fraud and ID theft.

How Self works. With Biometrics.

Claire Thomas
Users create an account once.
Users create a Self-enabled account on a mobile app and store verified Identity data along with biometric information on device. All Self enabled apps can use the same account.
Verify to sign
Claire Thomas
Verify themselves when requested.
Self allows a user to push biometrically verified credentials to a relying party (which may be anonymised) without exposing their biometric data or a correlatable identity.
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Removing the risks of identification.
Basing business decisions on data you can trust allows you to rapidly onboard, authenticate and transact. Without the need to run systems or store personal data which can pose a risk.
Jason ReidSena Gbeckor-Kove
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