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Distributed real-time identity and data

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Car rental with a single tap?

With Self, your agents can get your customers’ verified credentials easily and securely, knowing they are who they say they are without relying on a manual photo ID check.
How can Self help you?

Easy child protection with verified identities

Reassure parents and carers by enforcing age and identity policies, without the need for expensive ID  checks, with Self’s real time and ongoing identity verification.
How can Self help you?

Trusted messaging for the gig economy

Use Self to manage working rotas, where a tap to choose a shift is also an agreement  that manages contracting and ensures payment.
How can Self help you?

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Self is solving fraud for everyone

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Real authentication

No more 6-digit codes sent by SMS, just a confirmation that the KYC is still valid inside every one-step authentication.

Protect your budget

Web 2.0 Digital identity platforms charge high fees for work they repeat. We think there’s a better way which means far better value for you.

Symmetrical auth

We all know how important trust is, that’s why Self lets you prove to your customers that you are really you.

Communicate safely

Whether messaging with friends, calling Dad or trusting a call from the bank, Self lets you communicate in safety.

This is the future of Trust

For people.

Take control of your presence online by joining Self today: 

Avoid scammers

Know who is calling or messaging so you're sure it's not a scammer

Control your data

You are in charge of who you send data to and how long they have it for

Communicate Safely

End-to-end encrypted calls only between verified people & companies

For business.

Join self to bring the power of Web3 to your customer relationships:

End account takeovers

Protect customer accounts and your business from fraud

Communicate safely

ID- anchored messaging and voice so you know who you are talking to

Protect your budget

Web3 means less fees, so your budget goes further

For developers.

Integrate Self to build in trust and prevent fraud:

Easier on boarding

Add users with one-click onboarding flow

Better Data

Get access to the information the business needs without processing PID

Simplify operations

Not having to manage and protect PID reduces operational risk

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