Build identification and personal data management for everything.

Digital identity, encrypted communication and verifiable credentials gated by native biometrics mean you can know exactly who your user is.

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No centralised data means less bottlenecks as you scale.


Open contracts, Flexible APIs, usage billing and free trials make Self easy to adopt.


Usability comes from Open API's, an embedded SDK and Open Source architecture


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Biometric identity

Simple, secure proof of identity.

Gate every interaction with biometrics for user certainty you can trust. Self's native biometrics are privacy preserving and controlled by the user.

Self gives you actual identity, every time.
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verified User data

Get live data when you need it.

Keep customer data in the hands of your customers and free your datasets from the challenges and costs of regulation and security. Communicate with customers through Self and get verified claims gated by Self biometrics when you need to know that identity, KYC and other PII is accurate and about the actual user you're dealing with.

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Biometric digital signatures

Self Digital Signatures combine realtime biometric authentication with verified credentials in a single process without the need for human intervention. They can also extend signing to include the verified credentials contained in the document. For us there is only one level of signature. One you can trust.
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End-to-end encrypted communications

Know exactly who you're talking to

ID-anchored calling and messaging means everyone on a call or message thread knows who they're talking to.

Scammers can't pretend to be from your company and users can be identified without the need for so-called 'security questions'
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Increase conversion by reducing friction
End account takeovers with precise user identification
ID-anchored messaging and voice for safe communication

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