Tie verified credentials to your tickets.

Use smart tickets to handle everything from resale to customer identity ensuring your event stays safe and customers get a fair deal
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Bring your tickets to life

Make sales fairer, build in venue security, engage users on the journey to your event and enable secondary markets which deliver for everyone.

Meet Needs

Better match needs with available facilities and services, ensuring resourcing matches actual demand.  Deliver verified data to authorities guaranteeing safeguarding.


Transfer tickets seamlessly between attendees, ensuring security, and enabling vsitors to have fun without friction.

Security and Regulation

Keep the wrong people out by obtaining information on attendees as part of purchase and venue arrival processes. All without needing to access the data.


Facilitate resale which everyone can participate in, venues, promoters and artists

Build Relationships

Self is about trust. Connections through Self are an active channel to your customers and a route for them to feed back and advocate for you.


Maintain security and utility even when tickets are gifted. Enable recipient verification and resale in the event a gift is not usable.

We built Self for developers

Easily integrate with open APIs and embed into Android and iOS apps with our SDK

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How can Self make experiences safer?

Ensuring safety from the point of sale through to the venue.  
Ensuring Security
Tying ticket holders to their tickets using privacy preserving biometrics, ensures the correct people are at the event, while verified credentials can provide comfort people who shouldn't be there because of age or legal barriers are not present or able to buy the tickets.
Tackling Touting
Self can enable controlled resale, allowing venues, ticket agents, promoters and artists to participate in resale while invalidating tickets resold through secondary markets.

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