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Ensure players of all ages stay safe online.

Tie gamer accounts to a biometrically verifiable identity which allows you to verify credentials like age and location without revealing personal data.
Benjy Smith
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Protect and connect gamers

Age verification is useful, with it you can make other decisions. etc..

Age Verification

Ensuring children can play online with age appropriate content and players.

Parental Controls

Let parents have control over what children are playing and who they play with, as well as what they pay for.

Securing Communcation

Keeping in game chat private and secure, enabling parental oversight and preventing bad actors engaging.

Persona Support

Separating presented identity from real identity, while securing primary accounts with real biometric security.

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Flexible APIs and embedded mobile SDKs backed by comprehensive documentation and developer support make integrating Self easy.

User Control

Keep users in control of their data and identity, ensuring privacy concerns and security needs are met.

We built Self for developers

Easily integrate with open APIs and embed into Android and iOS apps with our SDK

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How can Self make online gaming safer?

Identifying users, relying on verifiable credentials, both positive and negative and empowering parental control can make a real difference in tackling online harms.
Biometric access
Self can enable its biometric gate to deliver an identity credential in a zero knowledge manner, meaning players can be screened for age, gender or being on a register of offenders, without needing to know who the user is.
Players can be identifiable and categorised using anonymised verifiable credentials instead of overt identity data. Personas can allow users to have multiple aliases which cannot be correlated. Young players can be allowed to play in a walled garden defined by them and approved by parents providing they meet parent set criteria.  

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