Self is technology which makes us equal, powerful and safe. 


The internet should be safe for children and adults.


Your private information should be yours to own and control.


People and companies should be able to trust the information they receive.


The technology that surrounds us should make our lives easier.

The future of trust.

We've built Self so we can all build trust. Trust that the review we see online is real, trust in the person we bought from in an auction, trust the invoice should be paid, trust the user is a human, trust in the news and trust in the integrity of a vote.

When we have online trust we can build relationships that match those we value in the real world. And the things we do everyday will become easier: we can glide through airports, shop without tills, consume without barriers and do it all safe from fraud.

Powered by people.

But Self is also about people. People taking ownership of and responsibility for their own data and in doing so gaining a voice and control. It's a vision in which we are each an individual, without the labels of nationality, gender, faith or race unless we choose to reveal them.

Dan Sutherland

Dan Sutherland


Dan is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded the cloud service provider, Carrenza, which was acquired by Six Degrees in 2016.

Dan grew up in London, started his first company at 17 and today is an active investor in a number of companies in Technology and BioTech, a proud dad to two kids. He’s also a keen mountain biker and very good at the first 90% of any DIY project.

Sena Gbeckor-Kove

Sena Gbeckor-Kove


Sena is a technologist and entrepreneur with extensive startup experience in Europe and Asia. Before working on Self, Sena built the Singaporean encryption and communications startup Ananse.

Based in Lisbon, he currently provides technical advice to startups in Europe and Asia while watching his two small children slowly build Skynet with Lego, Swift and a 3D printer.

Jason Reid

Jason Reid


Jason is a recognised technology leader with over twenty years' experience driving technical strategy, innovation, and product development for public and private sector organisations around the world.

 Previously Jason was CTO at Carrenza where he was responsible for developing and delivering the Carrenza platform.

Jason ReidSena Gbeckor-Kove
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