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Keep your data on your device

Your personal data belongs to you, we think you should be in control of it.

Self let's you store it safely in your phone and share it only with the people and companies you trust. So you can see at a glance who you've given your data to and you can revoke their access instantly.

Your data; under your control.

Ban digital groundhog day

Everyone hates doing the same thing again and again, like verifying documents and filling in forms online.

Self solves that problem: we let you check your own documents on your phone, have them verified by someone who knows, and then use them again and again, instantly.

No more forms.

Build trusted connections, instantly

Self began with a simple idea: What if we could know that data is true?

Based on that Idea we set out to create a network that could be trusted absolutely. A network of relationships that, for each member, contained the people and companies they trust.

Internet you can trust.

Why is this important?

Personal data is being harvested from people on an industrial scale. It is used by criminals to defraud us and steal our identities, and by technology companies to build profiles of us to sell us more stuff or change how we vote.

Regulators have tried to change this with annoying cookie popups and GDPR notices, but they've just made the internet less useable and made frustrated consumers less careful with their data.

We think it's simple: people should be in control of their own personal data. It's valuable and powerful, and we shouldn't have to give it away to buy sneakers.

We built Self so you can trust the internet again, so companies can give customers better service, and so all of us could have control of our personal data.

How Self works

What is Self?

Self is a network which lets you connect to the people and companies you trust so you can share personal information and communicate securely with them. All the information you store in or receive through Self has been verified as true, so it can be trusted.

The Self App is your gateway to the Self Network, through it you verify, share and control the use of the personal data you store in it.  The Self Network gives you control of your data by giving you a safe place to store it on your phone and a secure channel through which to share it with people you know.

No more putting data about yourself into forms on the internet and worrying if it's safe. Instead you can use the personal facts in Self to make your everyday interactions with the people and companies you trust faster, easier and safer.

Want to join Self?


Download the Self app and set up your security with a high-res facial scan.

Self app homescreen


Verify a few facts about yourself, like your email, phone number, passport details and secure them with a selfie.​

This is the important bit: all the details stay on your phone. They're not stored on ours (or anyone else's) servers

Self app connections screen


Use Self to register and create a trusted connection to companies, charities and organisations with one tap.​

Feel safe that your data stays under your control.

Self app connections screen

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