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Web3 powered identity verification, communications and biometric authentication

Find a suite of next-generation customer interaction tools optimised to fight fraud and build stronger relationships.

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Why Self is different

Prevent account takeovers

Stop bad actors getting access to your customers accounts by allowing them to authenticate using a a real-time biometric check on their Self app.

Know for sure you are giving access to the right user even if they are anonymous.

End the groundhog day feeling

Users are constantly being asked to repeat the same security tasks. It's boring and as they get sick of doing it the protection afforded by the tasks drop.

Self lets users verify themselves once and then re-use that verification, so users don't get bored and don't have to pay a Web 2.0 company to repeat the same work endlessly.

No more phone scams orvoice phishing

Self ID-anchored messaging and calling lets users and organisations communicate securely knowing that they are talking to the right person.

It's symmetrical trust too, because Self lets the company prove their identity to the user and shows the employee has the authority to call on behalf of the company they work for.

Multi-Factor and Biometric Authentication

Save your customers from passwords and codes by text, let them verify that you are dealing with the right person right from their phone.

Authentication From $0.005

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Fact and Identity Verification

Obtain verification of key pieces of information about your user, either as verified facts or as a ZKP. Create facts relevant to your relationship with your user and embed facts into everyday tasks like authentication and purchases.

$0.005 per fact

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Symmetrical Identity

Build deeper trust by making sure your user knows you are you and that your team are authorised to act on behalf of your business.


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ID Anchored Encrypted Calling and Messaging

Call and message customers right out of Self, preventing fraud and ensuring you can focus call centre time on helping customers not on clearing security.

Calling from $0.002 per minute to or from any supported endpoint. Inbound calls from users are free to them.

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Sector-focused solutions

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Reduce friction in onboarding and authentication and build stronger relationships which deliver fresh, permissioned data to build unique customer insights.


Simplify onboarding flows for pre-checked users and add security to flows where compliance focussed solutions are unwieldy and not cost effective.

Transport and hospitality

Smooth the process of travelling, renting transport and checking into hotels for providers and consumers.
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Managing users and authentication with Self can help with fraud issues from account sharing to protecting children on gaming platforms.

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