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Our pricing plans will be available soon

The commercial service will be available shortly. We will offer three ways to buy bundles of checks, to suit a range of applications. Plus we have options for bespoke requirements and enhanced support.

Engaging with customers online

Pay as you go

From $10/Month
Additional checks $0.04 each
Community support

Developing applications for your clients


From $200/month
From 5000 checks
Additional checks as low as $0.02 each
Next business day support
Field Request
Bespoke to manage large user bases


Custom Pricing
Bespoke packages
Dedicated account manager
Guaranteed response
Enterprise Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions
Which facts can I verify with Self?

The Self app is a tool which lets you verify facts about yourself, so that you can use and share them safely when you need to over the Self Network. At beta launch the number of Facts that Self will support is limited (things like identity and contact information), but eventually we will support almost any piece of information which can be verified by someone else. 

All of this information stays on your device, under your control. It is never stored in the Cloud or in a big database with other peoples Facts. It’s just on your phone. 

You can only share facts over the Self Network which have been verified, so you should try to get as many facts verified as possible.

How much does Self cost?

Self is free to join as an individual user for personal use and the core features will always be free to you in the future.

Our business model is to charge the businesses using Self a small amount of money every time they ask to check a fact about you – such as your phone number, address, qualifications, passport number etc. – when you choose to connect with them using Self. They get certainty that the information you've shared is true, and you can be sure that your data isn't being used in ways you haven't explicitly agreed to.

In the future we may release new features, which may carry a charge, but these will always be optional.

For full details of our pricing and packages for businesses, see our Pricing page.

How does Self compare to password storage apps like 1Password and LastPass?

Self supports allows authentication without the need for usernames, passwords or anything you need to remember – just being you is enough. Lots of sites will still use passwords and usernames for a long time to come, so for those, password apps are great, but where you can login with Self it’s easier and safer than usernames, passwords or 2FA.