How Self works for People

The internet is super useful ...

But 6-digit codes, cookie permissions, personal data collected about you, fraudsters, phishing, insecure calls and all the rest is just a hassle.

Self is on a mission to make it all go away.
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Distributed real-time identity and data

Imagine a world without fraud.

Self is about harnessing the power of human relationships to build trust. You know you can be trusted, Self lets you prove it.

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We all deserve a safe internet

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Avoid scammers

Self puts you in charge of knowing who is calling or messaging you, so you can be sure your bank is your bank and not a scammer.

Communicate safely

Our calls are end to end encrypted, and only between verified people. They use a distributed network to ensure your calls stay safe.

Go passwordless

Log in without passwords. Whether it’s to work or to your favourite sites, Self is ensuring you can safely access the things you need.

Control your data

You are in charge of who you send data to and what they are allowed to use it for. In the future you’ll get paid for it too.

Keep kids safe online

Self can help you keep your kids safe online while respecting their privacy and letting them explore technology.

Build a real network

Self connections aren’t just anyone, they’re the people and organisations you know and really trust.

Joining Self is easy


Get a Self account

Download the app and set up your account by taking a selfie and verifying you have access to a phone number. We don't keep the number or the selfie. You do.

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Self Passport verification screen


Verify a few facts about yourself to start using Self. Once you've added your passport, you can make voice calls too.

This is the important bit: We don't keep your data once you've verified it. It's not stored on our (or anyone else's) servers. We can't access it, so we can't share, sell, recover or lose your information.



Use Self to find and connect to your family and friends, or the companies, charities and organisations that you trust.​

Verify that your connections are who you think they are so you can trust that your chats and calls are safe.

Self people connections screen
Self voice calling screen


Once you're set up, invite your contacts to join Self too, so you can chat, call and share within a fully encrypted and secure environment.

So no more worrying about that text from someone you don't recognise saying "Hi mum, I've lost my phone and this is my new number"

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