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Stop fraud from being a cost of business.

Make solving fraud a byproduct of doing business well

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Distributed real-time identity and data

Bring the power of Web3 to your relationships

Self gives you everything you need to onboard, authenticate, communicate with and manage your team and your customers without the hassle and for a fraction of the cost of extractive Web 2.0 platforms.

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Convenience trumps everything

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Self is solving fraud for everyone

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Real authentication

No more 6-digit codes sent by SMS, just a confirmation that the KYC is still valid inside every one-step authentication.

Protect your budget

Web 2.0 Digital identity platforms charge high fees for work they repeat. We think there’s a better way which means far better value for you.

Symmetrical auth

We all know how important trust is, that’s why Self lets you prove to your customers that you are really you.

Communicate safely

Whether messaging with friends, calling Dad or trusting a call from the bank, Self lets you communicate in safety.

Getting started is easy


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Download the app and use it to verify some details about yourself. The Self app is your key to access the Self Network.

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Build an integration

Use our Developer Quickstart to get you up top speed in under an hour.


Connect to your customers

Relationships that rely on Self imply trust and demonstrate mutual respect. They are the basis of stronger commercial and trust connections.

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Car rental with a single tap?

With Self, your agents can get your customers’ verified credentials easily and securely, knowing they are who they say they are without relying on a manual photo ID check.
How can Self help you?

Easy child protection with verified identities

Reassure parents and carers by enforcing age and identity policies, without the need for expensive ID  checks, with Self’s real time and ongoing identity verification.
How can Self help you?

Trusted messaging for the gig economy

Use Self to manage working rotas, where a tap to choose a shift is also an agreement  that manages contracting and ensures payment.
How can Self help you?

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