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Get up and running with Self quickly 

Once in you'll find comprehensive documentation, useful snippets in Go, Typescript and Ruby and a suite of APIs

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Distributed real-time identity and data

Here's how to get set up on our Developer Hub.

Follow the instructions below, download our app and work through the quick start guide to familiarise yourself with Self and the Self Network.

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Download Self

Everything starts with the Self app. Download it to your phone and join the Self Network to set up your personal account.

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Verify your email

You'll need to verify at least your work email address to register a developer account on the Self Network.


Go to our developer portal

Now you can use Self to access our developer portal immediately.

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Complete your Self developer registration

We ask you to share your name and email with us from the Self App (we don't collect it when you register or verify it).


Get up to speed with our developer documentation

We've put together comprehensive documentation to get you up to speed quickly, with sample code in Ruby, Go and Typescript.

Self code samples in Ruby, Go and Typescript
Everything starts with the Self app

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Install Self on your device

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