Clubhouse: is the new new thing raiding your address book illegally?

February 12, 2021
Adrian Cockle
Screenshot of Clubhouse app

Clubhouse, the latest invite-only, all-audio social network, seems to be all the rage. But some experts have expressed serious concerns about how the app puts users’ data at risk. Is listening to a live conversation with your favourite celeb or a panel of maverick entrepreneurs worth risking your personal information (or that of your entire address book)?

The app, which offers an unending stream of  “rooms” in which users can chat in real time, is currently facing legal challenges in Germany because of their lack of compliance with GDPR. As it is currently only accessible by an invite from a Clubhouse user, the app requires users to share their personal address books with Clubhouse in order to invite friends, thus essentially asking users to break EU privacy laws as they are unlikely to have the consent of each and every contact.

As our social media presence shifts ever more of our existence online, how can you trust that the platforms you use are protecting your privacy? Quite simply, without a revolutionary shift in how data is shared between consumers and businesses, you can’t.

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